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Modicare Business Plan – How To Earn Big Money in Modicare

Modicare Business Plan – Modicare Foundation is one of the most direct selling company in India which established in 1996. Samir Modi is the founder and managing director of Modicare company and he did his study from Harvard Business School.

Modicare is the first direct selling company in India and its business concept idea given by K.K Modi Group. Mr Samir Modi (Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Modi Enterprises) has been guiding Medicare’s strategic development ever since and has led it to be one of India’s leading direct selling company. Modicare Business Plan is very easy to earn money. You can earn money from Samir Modi Azadi Plan on the rewarded basis by giving your best efforts.

You can join the modicare business plan without investing money. You can earn lots of money by joining the modicare business and it gives a chance for success and growth which is achieved by our 100% efforts. So first become a user of Modicare product and Share the same with other people also. To Start modicare business plan first you have to develop your team. Competent people and the right team structure will add to your success. Let’s start this topic by knowing that what is the Modicare Business Plan and how can we earn big money in modicare business.

What is Samir Modi Business Plan and How it Works –

Modicare’s compensation plan or Modicare Maximizer Plan provides an easy platform to earn money on the basis of reward points. To understand modicare business plan click on below-given video link.

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How to Earn Big Money in Modicare Business Plan –

Here we are going to describe three basic key factor by which you can earn money from the modicare business plan and these are –

  • Self-use of product
  • Share product information
  • Team Development

You can also earn money by adopting other business techniques and these are –

1. By becoming a new consultant & business builders to earn money on the reward basis.

2. By making a better team Team Development to increase productivity.

Samir Modi Modicare Business Plan Area of Income –

Samir Modi Azadi Plan offers you 8 area of income and these are –

1. Savings on Consumptions (Up To 20%) – Modicare offers you discount plan on 9 categories which are related to household things. If you are a modicare consultant then you will get 20% discount on the product MRP. It will increase your saving monthly.

2. Retail Profit (Up To 20%) – Retail profit is the profit earned from the net sales of the products. It will be calculated on the basis of a difference between Cost Price and the Selling Price. It allows you to earn retail profit up to 20% by selling the product to your customer. For ex. if you are a modicare consultant then you will purchase any product on a discount basis and sell this product to your customer on Retail price. The difference between the price that you pay and the price at which the products are sold in the Retail Profit that you earn.

3. Accumulative Performance Bonus (7% to 22%)

Accumulation helps you to grow as per your team level that means your income depends on your team levels. To understand accumulative performance bonus please have a look at the below-given table.

Modicare Business Plan

4. Director Bonus (14%) –

Modicare Business Plan

5. Leadership Productivity Bonus (15%)

Modicare Business Plan

6. Outbound Travel Fund (3%)

Modicare Business Plan

7. Dream Vehicle Fund (5%)

Modicare Business Plan

8. Dream Home Fund (3%)

Modicare Business Plan

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Important Notes

  • A consultant must be active during the month to qualify for any bonus.
  • Minimum Personal Business Volume (PBV) required is 1200 in any month to become active.
  • To get the Gold award you need to do a minimum PBV of 1800 in a month.

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So that’s all about Modicare Business Plan to Earn Big Money in Modicare business. Here we mention all the necessary information to join the modicare business as a consultant and how can we start our career in this business. Share this information with your friends if they are looking for any career option in this fields.

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