Most Successful & Top Achievers in Modicare Business

Top Achievers in Modicare Business – Modicare is the largest online network marketing company in India. Modicare starts its business in India around 1996. Mr Samir Modi is the Vice Chairman or Managing Director of Modicare Group.

Top Achievers in Modicare Business

Modicare Business concept is very successful in India and it deals in the large variety of product. Modicare Business Plan gets the good response in the Indian Market. It is the first direct selling company in India which have more than 18000 distributors or member. Modi Enterprises is an Indian business conglomerate based in New Delhi, India. It is a US $2.8 billion organization headed by Krishan Kumar Modi.

In June 2011, The Modi Group announced that it was planning to acquire majority control in Godfrey Phillips India from American tobacco company Philip Morris. Now it becomes the largest network marketing company who deals in direct selling concept. Here we are going to mention the list of most successful & Top achievers in modicare business.  As you know Modicare is a leading marketing company in MLM Business network.

List of Most Successful & Top Achievers in Modicare Business –

(A) Top Achiever List of Global Black Dimond Director

Name  Estimate Income (Per Month)
 Surekha Bhargava   Rs. 10-12 Lacs
 Daminder Singh  Rs. 10-12 Lacs
 Pramod Acharya  Rs. 10-12 Lacs
 Alpesh Gajjar  Rs. 10-12 Lacs
 Pramila Nishant Bhargava  Rs. 10-12 Lacs
 Rajesh Kumar  Rs. 10-12 Lacs
 Manoj Malik  Rs. 10-12 Lacs
 Tarun Bajaj  Rs. 10-12 Lacs
 Vindhya Vasini Pandey  Rs. 10-12 Lacs
 Ravish Rastogi  Rs. 10-12 Lacs

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(B) Top Achiever List of Royal Black Diamond Director –

Name  Estimate Income (Per Month)
 Jagat Narayan Singh  Rs. 8-10 Lacs
 Uttam Prakash Gupta  Rs. 8-10 Lacs
 Akshi Dutta  Rs. 8-10 Lacs
 Lalita Mudgal  Rs. 8-10 Lacs
 Falguni Dharmesh Trivedi  Rs. 8-10 Lacs
 Ruchi Nilam  Rs. 8-10 Lacs
 Seema Shahde  Rs. 8-10 Lacs
 Mani Shankar Singh  Rs. 8-10 Lacs
 Vinod NS  Rs. 8-10 Lacs
 Veeresh K.B  Rs. 8-10 Lacs

(C) Top Achiever List of Crown Diamond Director –

Name  Estimate Income (Per Month)
 Nirmla Sahoo  Rs. 6-8 Lacs
 Vijay D.G  Rs. 6-8 Lacs
 Sandip Adhikari  Rs. 6-8 Lacs
 Lhingjalam Boinu  Rs. 6-8 Lacs
 Kunjabihari Dash  Rs. 6-8 Lacs
 P.N Radhakrishnan  Rs. 6-8 Lacs
 Chetan H Karia  Rs. 6-8 Lacs
 Fatima Jebis  Rs. 6-8 Lacs
 Suman Negi  Rs. 6-8 Lacs
 K.P Pushpa Rajan  Rs. 6-8 Lacs

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So these are the complete list of most successful & top Achievers in Modicare Business. Modicare top achiever list will be based on their annual performance and achievement. All member which are listed above starts their career with modicare at a fresh level. They achieve this designation by their tremendous work in network marketing business. So if you are looking for a bright future then join the modicare business now. Wish you the best of luck for your future.

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